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Which do you need,Beam or Spot lights?
Aug 13 , 2020

In stage lighting, both beam lights and spot lights can produce beams and spots. Is there any difference between them? Which stage lights work better? For these questions, let's analyze the differences between the two.

Difference 1: Different emphasis

The emphasis and main functions of the two kinds of stage lights are different.  It is important for the spot lights to have the uniform  output light and the pattern.For the spot lights ,we  focus on the emitted spot and pattern and do not care about the actual light column, so as to highlight the gorgeous background of the scene and enhance the plane effect.

effect for Spot lights

effect for spot lights

Regarding beam lights,we are concerned about the brightness of the light column,and  do not care  the actual graphics in order to strive to show the dynamic and impact effect and  enhance the three-dimensional effect.

effect for Beam lights

effect for beam lights

Difference 2: Different beam angles

The two kinds of lights, beam angles are different, because the beam Angle and width of the spot lights are large. In order to highlight the spot and the pattern, a larger beam is needed, and sometimes even frosted pattern is needed. The  beam Angle of the beam lights is small.In order to shape the sense of space, beam lights output  a strong and hard beam angle which is small,whose range is adjustable and not large.Beam angle is such  strong and bright and suitable to make the production of stage effect.

Difference 3: Brightness difference

Because the two kinds of  stage lights  have different brightness levels, they are  used in different scenes. Because the brightness of the beam lights is very high,  It is unable for ordinary people in a close range to accept this kind of light irradiation and sometimes even produce a sense of dizziness.It is suitable for people at a distance of no less than 12meters. The light distribution of the spot lights is uniform,it is suitable to be used  in 5-10 meters of range in reach to make a warm pattern effect.

Difference 4: The effects are different

The stage beam lights is suitable for creating visual impact and cool and dynamic atmosphere on the stage. For example, in the opening show and hot music and dance, the strong light beam angle and fast strobe effect bring the audience a feel of boiling blood. The spot light is suitable for slow, gentle romantic and  slow rhythm love song.At the general warm wedding ,spot lights would be used  to create a beautiful scene.

Therefore, these two kinds of stage lights have their own characteristics and uses. They need to be used in combination with each other and perform their respective functions in order to jointly create colorful stage lighting effects.

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