LED Beam Moving Head Light


The housing  is made of die-cast aluminum, with exquisite appearance and better waterproof grade. Osram Sirius HRI550W as the light source.

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    LCB006-550BEAM IP
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White light color temperature 7500K, smooth and precise mechanical movement, in addition to DMX control and strong RDM control. Applicable field products can be used in any outdoor extreme environment, such as fountain performances, theme parks, water shows, seaside performances and a variety of small and medium-sized outdoor performances and fixed installation landscape lighting projects.

●  Optics

. HID: Osram Sirius HRI550W

. Beam angle: 0-1.8 °

. Optical lens: 2 sets of high-definition film composite mirror, effective diameter 265mm light

. Lamp life: 1500H

●  Scan

. Pan/tilt operation:

16bit fine-tuned

Smooth and precise positioning

Pan: 540 ° , tilt 270 °

Pan and tilt speed adjustable scan position memory, after no expected operation will be automatically reset.

Pan and tilt error correction function

●  Color

. A color wheel: 14 color + open, half-color effect, with two-way rotation of the rainbow effect

. Double-slide even smooth CMY color mixing system

●  Gobo

. A fixed gobo wheel: 19 gobos + open, gobo with Jitter function

●  Specifications

. 2 DMX Channel Mode: 20/28 Channels

. 2 control modes: DMX512, master and Slave

. 2 bidirectional prism wheel: 8 prisms + 16 prisms, additive reverse and forward rotation function

. Focus: electronic focus, ultra-micro smooth light adjustment:

. Dimmer:0-100% linear light adjustment

. Frost system: Double-chip frost system, from shallow to deep gradient frost effect

. Strobe: 0 -20 Hz strobe, pulse strobe, random strobe

●  Display

. 2.4-inch TFT color display

. 4 touch-button function control

. Display panel can 180 °flip, suitable for installation in different places

●  Software

. Software Upgrade:  convenience, fast upgrade software by DMX Data cable  

. Display fixture usage time, convenient for customers to know the use of fixtures

●  Other functions

. Setting and addressing:RDM

. Cooling design: adopt wind direction drainage and temperature intelligent monitoring technology, can quick start, usage ,turn off light brake, turn off lamp status monitoring, according to the temperature of different positions, automatically adjust the cooling system, effectively control the temperature of lamps, with internal multi-point intelligent temperature sensor and display on the display screen. Can customize the wet temperature synchronous display control function

●  Power/DMX connection

. Power connection:waterproof power cable

. DMX input,output:waterproof DMX input output

●  Power

. AC100-240V 50/60HZ

. Power900W

●  Protective grade

. Housing material: aluminum alloy,

. Waterproof grade: IP66

●  Working environment

. Working temperature: - 20 ° ~ 40 ° C

●  Size/weight

. Packing size:720*470*1135mm

. N.W:59.5KG

. G.W:68.8KG

●  Certification


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