LED Beam Moving Head Light

LCE085-Strobe Bar

All-aluminum waterproof structure,It is stylish, generous, simple installation. Every 2 fixture are combined quickly at horizontal Vertical directions by a installing accessory named quick invert bolt. 180pcs 2W cool white and warm white LEDs and 120pcs 0.5W RGBW LEDs are used as the light source

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    LCE085-Strobe Bar
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180pcs 2W cool white and warm white LEDs controlled in 10 sections seperately can bring a strong strobe effect. 120x0.5w RGBW LED can be controlled in 24 sections separately to create a gorgeous animation effect.Mixing color frost sheet can be inverted inside the fixture to make a good mixing color effect. It can be widely used in projection lighting, stage, theater, etc. In addition to DMX control, there is a powerful RDM two-way control technology.

●  Optics System

. LED type180x2cool white and warm white LED,Beam )

          120x0.5W RGBW  LED, Pixel )

. Beam angleBeam 110°

            Pixel 120°

. Life Span50000H

●  Color

. Uniform RGBW mixing color

. LED pixel control to create a more gorgeous chasing effect

. Static color setting

●  Specification

. 5 DMX channel modes12/23/116/139CH/DMX+NET Mode

. 4 control modes:DMX512ArtNetsCANmaster-slave

. Strobe effect:0-20HZstrobeRamp up and down strobeRamp up strobeRamp down strobeRandom strobe, 5s-1s break strobe

. Dimming:0-100% 16bit dimming

. Each LED can be controlled seperately

. Dimming way4 dimming speed

●  Display

. 1.3-inch OLED display screen which Can be excahnged in Chinese and English

. 4 function buttons

. the key lock can be set to prevent incorrect operation

. The display screen can  reversed by 180°,which is suitable for installation in different positions

●  Software

. Software UpgradeUpgrade with DMX  signal cable

. It Shows the usage time of the fixture to covicustomers to understand the use of the fixture in a timely manner

●  Other functions

. Setting and  AddressingRDM

. LED temperature detection system to protect the service life of LED chip

●  Power /DMX connection

. Power connectionwaterproof cable input and output connectors

. DMX connectionwaterproof signal cable input and output connectors

. RJ45 input and output

●  Electric parameter

. AC100-240V 50/60HZ

. Power consumption350W(strobe),150W(full power)

●  Protection class

. Shell materialDis-cast aluminum

. Waterproof classIP65

●  Working environment

. Working temperature-20°C~+40°C

●  Dimension and weight

. Packing dimension (carton)105x222x200mm(inner carton),107x240x440mm(master carton)

. Net weight10.6 KG

●  Certification

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