LED Beam Moving Head Light

Wireless DMX Transceiver 2.4G Global Open ISM Band

LED control.It uses 2.4G global open ISM band with license-free use. Due to efficient GFSK modulation, high-speed frequency hopping (FHSS) communication design, and anti-interference ability,it good for wireless DMX solution.

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It is Using the frequency hopping technology, hopping frequency rate technology is an acronym, in which the transmitter quickly jump from the channel to the sub-channel, is the first use by the US military. This technical is advanced and precise, it is difficult to interrupt the destruction, blocking is almost impossible to exclude you know channel series. Spread spectrum technology has two advantages:  First, the super interference, by the use of multi-point access.

Wireless DMX transceiver LCM002 2.4G global open ISM band, license-free use. Efficient GFSK modulation, high-speed frequency hopping (FHSS) communication design, anti-interference ability, is your reliable wireless DMX solution.

Applications:  stage lighting, large-scale theatrical performanc-es, stadium lighting, temporary stage performances, city lighting system, television, conference center, professional theater, theme park, dance halls, bars and small theatrical performances.

●  Specification

. Rated Voltage:  DC 5V, ±5%

. Storage Temperature:  -65~150°, 5~95RH humidity.

. Working Temperature:  -40~85° , 5~95RH humidity.

. DMX signal interface:  3 pin5 pin XLR male connector, 3pin  5pin    XLRfemale connector

. Type:  alliance

. Size:  129x114x34mm (with antenna)

. Weight:  310g

. System Information:  32 bit ARM core

●  Wireless Parameter

. Communication distance:  600meters (Open space, depending on    the environment to change)

. Working frequency band:  2.402-2.480GHz, ISM.

. Spread spectrum method:  FHSS/AFHSS.

. Modulation method:  GFSK 23dBm.

. Receive sensitivity:  -94 dBm.

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