LED Beam Moving Head Light

LCF003-6 Head RGB Animation Laser Light

This is a specially designed for the bar 6 full color animated laser, 6 linkage light at the same time, more shocking visual impact

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This is a specially designed for bar 6 full color animation laser head, the control system designed for large control table tiger, MA controller design, edit simple and flexible, mysterious color light beam of the movement, in the air to form rbis, sector, such as space-time tunnel effect and more than 200 kinds of dynamic memory vivid pattern effect, 6 head linkage of light at the same time, the more powerful visual impact, It is a cost-effective bar laser lamp.

●  Laser Power:3W Green 700mw(525nm) Red 800mw(638nm)  Blue 1500mw(455nm)

●  Playback system: DMX512 voice automatic

●  Imaging system: 30kpps high speed scanning galvanometer, scanning angle + - 25 degrees, input signal + - 5V, linear distortion < 2%

  Program effect: all kinds of beam, geometry, animation, broken pen effect, more than 200 kinds of beam animation effect

  Programming: DMX512 can edit and adjust the internal beam, pattern and other effects according to the on-site needs.

  Laser modulation: TTL and analog optional (0 ~ 3kHz)

  Beam diameter divergence angle: 6.5Nm, < 1.2mrad

  Control interface: DMX512 (channels), 512 signal automatic identification.

  Special effects: color, stroboscopic, line segment plus bright spot, horizontal movement, vertical movement, zoom, X reversal, y reversal, center forward and reverse, fade, X wave special effect, y wave special effect, (when selecting analog laser, red, green and blue can modulate brightness respectively).

  Size: 1200*188*131mm

  Total power:100W

  Total weight:16.5KG

 Suitable place: performing arts bar, nightclubs, bars and other large performance venues

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