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Basic knowledge of stage lighting
Jul 23 , 2020

The role of stage lighting

Stage lighting is the art of stage lighting by lighting and modelling of characters and scenes, also known as stage lighting. The function of stage lighting is to use the technical equipment and means of stage lighting to coordinate with performers' performance according to the performance requirements and the overall conception of stage art, to shape the visual image on the stage and create a unique stage atmosphere.

Stage lighting is an important part of the performance space. It is the lighting design of the characters and the required specific scene in an all-round visual environment according to the development of the plot, and the artistic creation of reproducing the design intention to the audience in the form of visual images. For stage lighting design,designer should comprehensively and systematically consider the characters and plots, highlight the visual emphasis, and use light to express the plot and characters' feelings.

Common lamps and features

Moving Head Light
Moving Head Light - These light fixtures come in a variety of different flavors and designs, such as a spot, wash, beam, and hybrid. Each of these names refers to the beam angle range of the light fixture. Beam is the narrowest, spot is a little wider, wash is the widest, and hybrid could be any combination of those three. These lighting units also are with color capability, movement, gobo patterns, and a long list of other functions. As the most versatile stage lighting option, they allow you to really take a show or performance to a whole new level.

Par Light
Par Light - Short for parabolic reflectors, these are lights used as wash fixtures. These lights can cover large parts of the stage to fill in gaps that the spotlights do not cover or to wash the entire stage. These light fixtures typically do not have any sort of zoom or focus option, but come in a variety of lens types to get different beam angles. This is the most common type of stage light fixture you will see, because it is generally the most    cost  effective while providing the most coverage.

Profile Light
Profile Light - Or shape light, ellipsoid spot. Its beam Angle can be selected according to the needs of various applications, the main characteristics such as slideshow can be cut into square, diamond, triangle and other shapes, or projected a variety of required patterns, power also has 1KW, 2KW and other optional configuration

Framing Light
Framing Light- On the basis of the computer pattern lights, electric framing function is added,lighting can be cut into any shape according to the needs of the plot and the scene. A decoration is used to meet the needs of performers and props. Now the framing lights are widely used in surface light and take out of unwanted stray light, such as the light hit the screen, hit the light on the lamp stand. If It is the bright area which should not    be bright interception,framing lights make the stage cleaner, highlight the key points.

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