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Stage lighting knowledge-lighting layout
Dec 31 , 2020

Stage lighting is an important part of the performance space. The reasonable layout of stage lighting can not only enhance the overall effect of the stage, but also increase the overall sensory effect of the stage performance. Let's talk about the stage lighting arrangement.

1.Top light system design configuration

The function of top light is to illuminate the performance space in the depth of the stage. The various lights used in the top light configuration greatly improve the light transmittance and can be used for stage top lighting or coloring

①. The distribution of configuration lights are as follows:

  There are multiple ceiling light booms in the sky above the stage. Each top light uses a different number of the lights.

②. Arrangement and projection method of the lights:

A ceiling light and a surface light connect to illuminate the main performance area,people would pay attention to the height of the characters when connecting. A ceiling light position can be used as a fixed-point light and special effect lights, and some lights can be selected to enhance the lighting of the fulcrum of the performance area; second to tenth It can be projected directly behind the stage, or projected vertically downwards, which can enhance the lighting of the stage characters and the scenery space. The front and rear rows of lights are connected to make the stage performance area obtain a more uniform color and brightness

2. computer lights design configuration

Computer lights are mainly arranged on the overhead light poles above the stage, and the projection angle, brightness, changing pattern, beam size, color and other functions of the lights can be adjusted arbitrarily to ensure that the performance requirements for computer lights change

3. lighting color changer design configuration

The color changer installed on some lamps and lanterns is used for stage lighting, coloring, color change, and setting off the plot to achieve colorful effects.

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