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Maintenance and upkeep of the stage lights
Mar 22 , 2021

Generally speaking, the service life of stage lights is closely related to its daily maintenance and upkeep. Therefore, industry personnel must master certain the maintenance and upkeep knowledge. Stage lights maintenance and upkeep are the technical activities which refers to maintain the lights by wiping, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and other general methods to maintain and protect the performance of equipment. Its purpose is to keep the stage lights operating in good condition. There are the following points:

#1. Keep clean inside and out

Before doing clean, the lights must be disconnected from the power supply, and regular maintenance shall be carried out in a cycle of 7 days.

a. Regularly clean the fans and vents to ensure the air circulation inside the lights

b. Regularly check whether the appearance of the lamp is damaged or have oil, whether the housing is installed firmly, and whether the screws are all locked

c. Regularly check the air filter , and do clean  once it is blocked

#2. Wipe the optical components

a. Disconnect the power supply, let the parts cool down completely, and erase the lights’ housing cover

b. Use an air gun to blow away dust particles on the surface of the component

c. Use a colorless soft cloth or cotton swab moistened with glass clear liquid or distilled water to wipe off the dirt on the surface of the component. Do not scratch the surface, but dab several times

d. Use colorless paper cotton or cotton swabs to moisten industrial alcohol to remove surface smoke. The mirror is fragile, please do not use excessive force

#3. Check the electrical system

a. Check whether there is a short circuit in the temperature control switch or the fuse

b. Check whether the terminal of the wire is loose and whether the wire skin is damaged

#4. Replace components

When replacing components, please strictly follow the model and specifications provided by the manufacturer

a. When changing the bulb, be sure to wait for it to cool down to room temperature, and do not touch the quartz glass directly with your hands

b. Do not use accessories that are not approved by the original manufacturer to repair or install the lights

c. When disassembling and assembling,please remember the position and installation sequence of the components

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