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The importance of LED Par Light to the stage
Jul 31 , 2020

Par light is called originated in foreign “par can”, meaning the spotlight, it is mainly used to create a stage atmosphere, lighting and so on. Though ordinary Par is more traditional, its lighting effect is not good as LED PAR, so now most users of the stage lights choose LED Par. LED PAR lamps use LEDs as the light source with rich color effects and high brightness characteristics.For a specific simple example, one Par light with 36 pieces LED (including red, green and blue), after mixing colors, you can get 16.7 million species mixing effects.It is a amazing number. Therefore, LED par lights are used for stages and many large events in order to bring a strong and varied shade effect, let the audience feel the color changing LED lights bring to the world.

LED Par Light

Stage lights can be divided into dyed lamp and face light lamp. Dyed lamp can change the color of lamp bead according to the needs of the stage. The stage dyed pan light beads generally have red, green, blue and other colors of light, and are often used for stage performances, weddings, exhibitions, conferences and other sites to create atmosphere. The surface light plate is mainly used for stage lighting and is installed in the stage light area.

Lighting Effect For LED Par

LED Par Light which use LED lamp as a lighting source, is commonly used in today’s stage lighting, You can see some aspects in the following:

1.LED light source is brighter and clearer:  high brightness, low energy and super bright LED bulbs can output bright and clear light,that is the traditional Par light cannot be compared. Traditional Par is high in energy, LED Par is a cold light source and no heat radiation to the environment.

2.The mixing effect is rich, take the stage LED pan produced by Rainstar Lighting as an example. The 36 red, green and blue light LEDs have 16.7 million color effects, which are very rich in color effects and can make the stage more colorful.

3.Save energy: the traditional Par can is 1000w generally, the general power of LED Par is about 300W or less. LED bulbs as we today use LED lights, as high-brightness and energy-efficient lighting products, lighting fixtures needed equipment and more, after one showing each time , have to waste a lot of electricity, so the research and development of energy-efficient stage lighting equipment is the key. The LED PAR lights manufacturers also said that now it is the era of the LED lighting industry, energy efficient, to meet the requirements of the times.

4.Durable,long lifespan: LED bulbs are more durable than traditional bulbs, and LED PAR can reach 6-10 million hours life, life is quite long.

5.Multiple efficient lenses:accurate light distribution,It is  suitable for a variety of indoor lighting scenes. Easy to install, plug and light

Are these 5 reasons supportable for you to choose product for your business? If you need anything, please contact us!

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