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The function and role of the stage lighting
Dec 10 , 2020

At first, the only function of lighting in stage art was lighting performance, but later its original nature is changed as the times progressed. Lighting has become another work of art presented to the audience after the artistic creation of the director and actors. If the lack of lighting creation on the stage nowadays, the performance will become eclipsed and pale. So what are the functions and roles of modern stage lights?


#1.making the stage view clearer: enable the audiences to see clearly or some corners of the stage that the audiences cannot see (presentability)

#2. Strengthen the effect of stage performance: meet the needs of the plot, make the background appear natural, set off, suggest and induce the development of the plot, and adjust the atmosphere (actors, audience)

#3.Principles of using stage lighting: ①Intensity (referring to the brightness of the light): There must be enough light to enable the audience to see the color, appearance and details of the stage②Distribution: Including the distribution of light usage and the direction of shooting to the stage, the main body must be obviously different from the color and brightness of  the supporting role and the background which can be distinguished.③Color: Relying on colored paper, computer toning and other methods to meet the needs of the plot.④Change: Change the color, brightness and movement of the light according to the needs of the plot. In the specific use of stage lighting, before reducing a certain light source, preparations should be made to enhance the next light source, except for the special needs of the plot. Avoid black sounds, so as not to affect the work of the cast and crew


#1.Lighting performance, It can make the audiences see the actors' performances and sceneries clearly

#2.Guide the audiences’ sight

#3.Shape characters, emphasize emotions and show stage illusions

#4.Create the space environment needed in the play

#5.Render the atmosphere in the play

#6.It shows the transformation of time and space, highlights the conflicts of drama and strengthens the rhythm of the stage, and enriches artistic appeal. Sometimes it also works with stage stunts.

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