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How to improve the effect of stage lighting
May 15 , 2020

The way of stage lighting treatment to improve the effect of activities the theme of the ceremony is clear, the theme is clear, the way is novel, and it is warmly welcomed. The stage lighting of the theme activities of the ceremony does great harm to the theme activities of the ceremony. The lighting effect plays a key role in improving the atmosphere of the evening program and the setting of the performance stage. Therefore, in the planning of carnival theme activities, how should stage lighting design be solved? The stage lighting design is well done, which is closely related to the effective application of lighting fixtures, the perspective and composition of lighting fixtures. Whether the success of the party depends on the authenticity of the customers.

Technical engineers use different lighting effects to solve various lighting effects, orientation and chroma, so as to surpass the ideal expression effect, improve the attractiveness of plastic arts and the program content and characteristics. Stage lighting must address the following five categories:

1. Determine the destination of LED luminous flux. The lighting fixtures shall be adjusted according to the regulations of the film director on the program and the overall camera lens schedule.

2. Pay attention to the effect of light. Not only to build the interface atmosphere, but also to meet the requirements in color, mentality and program content.

3. It is the rationalization of paving lighting fixtures. The position, angle, orientation and chroma of the lamp should be beneficial to reflect the reality of the scene.

4. Master the flow of LED luminous flux. Normally, the scene light is spread first, by the main light. In small scenes, the main light is first spread, and then the background light is adjusted.

5. It is to check the consistency of commonly used light during trial recording. To prevent or eliminate the cause and appearance of actual effects such as black shadow, landscape black shadow, light overlapping, and human factors in black shadow areas.

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