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Drama stage lighting
Jun 02 , 2020

The stage lighting of opera not only has the function of lighting, but also plays an important role in revealing the theme, shaping the image and portraying the characters. In the created stage atmosphere, the stage light of opera is like lyrical and romantic poems, euphemism like moving body curves, beautiful melody, and just like the implication between lines in the writing of the opera.

Stage lighting is an integral part of opera art.In the early 20th century, the electric light source has been used in the opera stage. As early as 1908, new light sources were introduced into Shanghai, and then electro-optic equipment was used on the stage in Beijing. "The lights are brilliant, the lines are fresh, the stage is broad, and the setting is pleasant at any time," one audience wrote in the first stage watching diary But at this time, the stage lights are used for lighting and highlighting famous characters. The legendary stage lighting mentioned above has made a groundbreaking attempt, which is coincidental. Mr. Mei Lanfang, a famous master of Peking opera art, is also the Chang'e flying to the moon, a play with the theme of Chang'e, a beautiful image praised by the working people. He innovated the lighting treatment and changed the idea that the lighting was only used to highlight famous actors in the past. It is used to create an artistic space that is in line with the development of the plot and to create a distinctive image of the characters. With the development of history and the needs of the times, the role of lighting has been promoted step by step. Master Mei also created and used the unprecedented pursuit of light.

Pay attention to the skill of using light to highlight the theme.Create a stage space that meets the needs of the plot, create an atmosphere in which actors perform and music express emotions, and the function of lighting is very prominent. Designers often learn from other art categories, such as film and television, which are widely used in opera. "Cao Cao and Yang Xiu" arranged and performed by Shanghai Peking Opera House plays an important role in the play. Through the whole play with light blue light, with the help of the frozen real scene in the north, the reflection of light is crystal clear, so that the audience can feel a cold landscape. This stage atmosphere further reveals the theme, reveals Cao Cao's contradictory psychology of thinking like a sage and being like a foe. Cao Cao was a leader in the war of Han Dynasty. As a result of long-term fighting against the battlefield and holding the emperor and making the princes, a vicious and resourceful image of treacherous hero has been created. In the art of opera, people often regard Cao Cao as a white faced traitor.

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