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Prolight+sound Guangzhou 2020
Aug 19 , 2020

In recent months China has taken a range of steps to successfully curb the COVID-19 outbreak. In view of the improving domestic situation, the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government is encouraging the gradual resumption of business. Accordingly, the organisers of Prolight + Sound Guangzhou (PLSG) 2020 have announced new show dates. The previously postponed show will be held from 21 – 24 August 2020 in Areas A & B of the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou.

Thank you for your long-term support and trust in Rainstar Lighting. Our company will participate in Prolight + Sound Guangzhou (PLSG) 2020.We sincerely invite you to visit our exhibition booth.welcome you to visit our booth for guidance and business negotiation

Address:Area A,China Import and Export Fair Complex


Booth NO.:Hall 4.1 G17

Contacts:Jone Wang



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