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The importance of stage lighting and acoustics in performance
Apr 21 , 2020

Lighting and sound are important elements in stage performance. In the process of stage performance, through the effective collocation between sound and light, it can create a fantastic stage performance atmosphere, which can bring good visual and auditory feelings to the audience, and enhance the performance and sensibility of stage performance. Therefore, when performing on the stage, we should design the lighting visual environment in an all-round way according to the specific scene. According to the needs of the characters and the plot, we should strictly use the speaker equipment, and strive to bring sensory and visual stimulation to the audience.

Lighting and sound is an important part of modern stage performance, and also a necessary condition to ensure the quality of stage performance. On the stage, light and sound have different functions and functions. The use of light can set off and create a good stage atmosphere, and improve the stage performance effect; and the use of sound can impact the audience's visual and auditory organs, so that the overall stage performance is icing on the cake [1]. Based on this, this paper analyzes the importance of lighting and sound in stage performance.

1. The importance of stage lighting in performance
Lighting is one of the necessary components of modern stage performance. Different types of lighting have different effects and functions in stage performance. In order to ensure the artistic effect of stage performance, we need to use a variety of lighting equipment on the stage, such as "top light", "flow light", "chasing light", "heaven and earth discharge light" and "backlight". Taking "chasing light" as an example, this type of light can highlight the key stage characters with a specific form of light in stage performance, and track the stage actors, so as to play a finishing role.
Generally speaking, stage lighting has a strong plasticity. No matter the movement of lighting or the lighting area, color and intensity of lighting, its artistic presentation effect can be adjusted according to the actual stage performance scenario. In large-scale stage performance, stage equipment such as smoke machine, bubble machine and snowflake machine are usually used to combine with stage lighting. The application of these digital and integrated modern technologies in stage lighting can create multi-level and three-dimensional stage performance effect. Generally speaking, lighting can play an important role in the stage performance, such as lighting, guiding the audience's vision, shaping and foiling the stage characters, creating the stage environment, rendering the stage atmosphere and highlighting the conflicts between the stage plays. The rich artistic appeal and the control of the stage performance are inseparable from the stage lighting.

2. The importance of stage sound in performance
Theater stage performance is mostly indoor performance, so stage sound technology can enhance the sound quality of performance and ensure the sound quality of performance.

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However, in many cases, the stage performance needs to be carried out in the outdoor environment. In this case, the requirements for the sound effect control of stage performance are very strict. For example, the stage sound system used needs to have a large power, and at the same time, it needs to install loudspeakers and select high sensitivity mic in the stage performance. In order to prevent the stage live performance from losing sound or distortion of sound, it is also necessary to protect the on-site power circuit and speaker line. Through the contact between the sound engineer and the assistant in the audience, the on-site sound effect can be accurately and timely controlled. With digital and noise reduction technologies, the sound presented on the stage can be more close to the original sound, and more three-dimensional, broader and More lifelike, so that the audience can have a real-life experience.

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