LED Beam Moving Head Light

8x100W White LED Super Strobe Light with Colour backlight

LED Outdoor strobe light.It uses 8pcs 100W white LEDs(6500k color temperature) and 32pcs 3W RGB LEDs(backlight).Besides including IP65 class of  aluminium alloy structure and following W-DMX,RDM and DMX control protocol

  • Item No.:

    LCE062-3000 Strobe
  • Product Details

It has aluminium alloy structure.Its look design is very good such as fashion,generous and easy installation.The equipment with 90°beam angle uses 8pcs 100W white light and 32pcs 3W 3 in 1 high powerful LEDs as light source. The LCE062-3000 Strobe is more than just a strobe light, it is also a creative tool. It contains a set of reflector bowls with RGB LEDs, which can increase the rich background color of the light.


. LED qty

※ 8x100W white LEDStrobe LED

※ 32x3W RGB LED( backlight LED)

. Beam angle90°

. Lifetime50000Hlow power consumption, energy conservation 

and environmental protection

●  Colors

. Strobe LEDwhite LED 6500K color temperature

. Backlight LEDRGB LED,Uniform and delicate mixing color effect

. Each LED controlled individually can create more colorful chasing effect

. Static color set up

. Super powerful white light strobe effect

Lighting Effect for 8x100W White LED SuperStrobe Light

●  Specification

. 5 DMX channel modes2CH/4/12CH/29CH/45CH international standard DMX-512 channel

. 3 control modes:DMX512Master-SalveW-DMX

. 2.4G wireless DMX

. Beam angle90°

. Strobe effect0-20HZ strobePulse strobeRamp up strobeRamp down strobeRandom strobeStrobe Break Effekt, 5s…..1sStrobe0-20Hz

. Adjustable strobe working time

. Dimmer:0-100% linear dimmer

●  Display

. 2.4inches TFT colorful screen

. High anti-interference four touch buttons

. Settable button lock to prevent imoperation

. Display screen can be reversed 180° and fit for different places installation

●  Software

. Software upgradequick software upgrade via DMX cable

. Display the use time of the light, so that customers can know the use details of the light in time

. LED refresh rate3000Hz

. 4kinds of dimming curvelinear dimmerSqaure dimmerI. Sqaure dimmerS-Curve dimmer

●  Other functions

. Setting and addressingRDM

. LEDs temperature detection system to protect the LEDs

. Fan cooling(the fan change the speed with the temperature changes

. Fan running modeAuto mode and high speed mode

●  Power/Signal connection

. Power connectionPowerCON input/output

. DMX XLR3 Pin XLR input/output

●  Power

. AC100-240V 50/60HZ

. Power consumption450W @full power800W@strobe

Protection class

. HousingDie-cast aluminium

. IP classIP40

●  Operation environment

. Indoor operation temperature-20°C+40°C

●  Size/weight

. Packaging size585x220x425mm

. Net weight12.7KG

. Gross weight15.2KG

●  Certification


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