LED Beam Moving Head Light

1440X0.2W Outdoor LED Strobe Light

LED Outdoor strobe light.It uses  1440pcs LEDs controlled in 12 segments which are 720x0.2W RGB LEDs and 720x0.2W White LEDs.Besides including IP65 class of  aluminium housing and following W-DMX&RDM &DMX control protocols.

  • Item No.:

    LCE070-1440 RGBW
  • Product Details

It has all aluminum alloy waterproof structure, stylish, generous, easy to install. Using 1440 0.2W RGBW LEDs as the light source, the light output angle is 110 °, and the LEDs are individually controlled in 12 segments. The reasonable LED layout makes the projected light spot more uniform, the color mixing is more pure, and the powerful strobe effect is powerful. RDM function and AetNet network control can be widely used in projection lighting, stage, theater, etc.

●  Optics

. LED :720x0.2W RGB LED, 720x0.2W white light LED

. Beam angle: 110 °

. Excellent color mixing effect and rainbow effect

. Super strobe effect

. Life Span 50000H, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection

●  Colour

. Uniform RGBW color mixing system and rainbow effect

. White balance can be adjusted manually

Lighting Effect For 1440x0.2W Outdoor LED Strobe Light

●  Specification

. 9 DMX channel modes: 4_1 / 4_2 / 6/10/14/16/48/50/64 international standard DMX512 channels

. 4 control modes: DMX512, ArtNet, wireless DMX, master-slave

. 2.4G wireless DMX control.

. Beam angle: 110 °

. LED is individually controlled in 12 segments, with chasing and horse racing effects

. Strobe effect :Puls RandomRamp up RandomRamp down RandomRandom strobeStrobe Breakeffect, 5s…..1sStrobe0-20Hz

. Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming, which can control the change of light and dark of 4 colors and light off at the same time

. DMX function: dimming, strobe, RGBW, macro color, color jump, color gradation, rainbow, auto-run program selection, auto-run speed, dimming curve selection, function setting.

. Stand-alone mode: color jump, color gradient, auto-run, slave, macro color, static color setting, rainbow, auto-run program selection

●  Display

. 2.4-inch TFT color display

. High anti-interference four-button touch button

. The display board can be reversed by 180 °, which is suitable for installation in unreasonable positions.

●  Software

. Software update :Update via DMX link 

. Display the lamp usage time, which is convenient for customers to understand the lamp usage in time

. 4 kinds of dimming curve:Linear DimmerSqaure Dimmer.Sqaure DimmerS-Curve Dimmer

. LED dimming mode: LED mode and halogen lamp mode

●  Other functions

. Setting and addressing: RDM

. RJ45 input and output

. Fan cooling (waterproof fan changes speed with temperature change)

. LED temperature detection system to protect the life of light

●  Power / DMX connection 

. Power connection: Waterproof power socket Seetronic powerCON IN (SAC3MPX) / OUT (SAC3FPX)

. DMX input: Waterproof DMX card dragon seat 3-pin Seetronic J3F2C-W

. DMX output: Waterproof DMX card dragon seat 3-pin Seetronic K3F2C-W

. Waterproof RJ45 input and output

●  Power supply

. AC100-240V 50 / 60HZ

. Power consumption : 280W

●  Protection class

. Housing material: die-cast aluminum

. Waterproof level: IP65

●  Working environment

. Working temperature: -20 ° C + 40 ° C

●  Size and weight

. Packing size: 585x220x425mm

. Net weight: 12.9KG

. Gross weight: 15.2KG

●  Certification


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