LED Beam Moving Head Light

3 in 1 Matrix Moving Head Light

LED Matrix Bar Moving Head Light.It uses 10x40W RGBWA LEDs individually controlled, 240 * 0.5W white LEDs of strobe effect, 128 *0.2W RGBW  LEDs of chase effect.Besides it is with 1° beam angle lens,DMX ,RDM and Artnet control modes

  • Item No.:

    LCC047-Moving Bar
  • Product Details

3 in 1 Matrix Moving Head Light has a unique appearance design, and the lamps  can be seamlessly spliced  so that the light beam lamp and the lamp are equidistant and emit parallel beams. The main light (beam) is 10*40W RGBWA LEDs, and the light output angle is 1°. Individually controlled. 240 * 0.5W white LEDs can be used for strobe effect and can be individually controlled in sections, 128 *0.2W RGBW  LEDs can produce LED strip effects, chase and marquee effects, and can be controlled in sections. In addition to DMX, it also has a powerful RDM function. ArtNet network control technology, with strong dynamic multi-directional beam, extremely strong flash function, auxiliary light LED light strip, can create extremely brilliant effects.

●  Optics

. LED Type


128*0.2W RGBW LED

240*0.5W White LED

Life: 50000H, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection

●  Scanning

. Tilt operation:

8bit and 16bit fine tuning

Smooth and precise positioning

TIilt 200°

The scanning position can be memorized, and it will be automatically reset when there is no expected operation.

Vertical error correction function

●  Specification

. 8 DMX channel modes: DMX12CH, 28CH, 48CH, 79CH, 87CH, 97CH, 153CH, 93CH+2CH (ArtNet+DMX)

. 4 control modes: DMX512, ArtNet voice control, master-slave

. 0-20HZ strobe effect

. Auxiliary light effect, you can chase, horse racing effect.

●  Display

. 2 inch TFT color display

. Four function button operations

. The display panel can be reversed 180°, suitable for installation in impassable locations

●  Software

. Software update :Update via DMX link

. Display the lamp usage time, so that customers can understand the lamp usage in time

. LED refresh frequency: 3000Hz

●  Other functions

. Setting and addressing: RDM

. RJ45 input and output

. Fan heat dissipation (the fan changes its speed with temperature changes)

. LED temperature detection system to protect the life of the lamp beads

. The lamps and lamps can be seamlessly spliced in a straight line

●  Power/signal link

. Power connection: PowerCON power cord input and output

. DMX XLR socket: 3 Pin XLR socket  input, output

●  Power supply

. AC100-240V 50/60HZ

. Power: 450W

●  Protection level

. Shell material: aluminum profile + sheet metal

. Waterproof rating: IP20

●  Working environment

. Indoor working temperature: -20°C+40°C

●  Dimensions/weight

. Packing size: 1200x155x300mm

. Net weight: 12.8KG

. Gross weight: 14.0KG

●  Certificate:


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