LED Beam Moving Head Light

200w LED Profile Spotlight

LED profile spotlight.It uses 200W LED module. The light spot is 90% more energy-efficient than traditional tungsten halogen spotlights. Besieds no flicker: 16bit dimming technology, Ultra-quiet: 8dB ultra-quiet design.

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It uses imported LED light source with high light efficiency and long lifespan of 50,000 hours. It is a new generation of green and environmentally light source; 

high energy efficiency: high power density LED module and efficient aspherical condensing system, high light efficiency, large beam angle, The light spot is uniform, which is 90% more energy-efficient than traditional tungsten halogen spotlights. 

No flicker: 16bit dimming technology, truly restore the dimming of traditional tungsten filament imaging lamp; 

Ultra-quiet: 8dB ultra-quiet design; 

Low temperature: The heat dissipation system adopts heat pipe application technology, and the intelligent mute air-cooled heat dissipation system can be equipped in special environments The surface temperature is always no higher than 65 °, 

light weight: the light is made of high-quality aluminum profile and metal plate combined structure, the surface is sprayed with black epoxy high-pressure electrostatic powder, the net weight is 9.8kg, the installation is light and can resist strong External force collision; 

high illuminance: uniform light gradation and natural gathering.


. LED : 1x200W LED

. Beam angle: 19 ° / 26 ° / 36 ° / 50 ° (optional)

. Life span: 50000H, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection

●  Colour

. LED color temperature: 3200K, optional 5600K

. Explicit indication: CRI≥90

. High luminous efficiency: 3200K standard luminous flux 23400Im, standard luminous efficacy 

117Im / W; 5600K standard luminous flux 25500Im, standard luminous efficiency 127Im / W;

●  Specification

. 3 DMX channel mode: 1/2/4CH international standard DMX512 channels

. 2 control modes: DMX512, master-slave

. Light spot angle: 19 ° / 26 ° / 36 ° / 50 ° (optional)

. Strobe effect: 0-30HZ strobe

. Dimming: 0-100% 16bit dimming

●  Display

. LCD display control menu

●  Software

. Software update :Update via DMX link

. Display the lamp usage time, which is convenient for customers to understand the lamp usage in time

. LED refresh frequency: 800Hz / 1200/2000/3600 / 25000hz optional

. 4 kinds of dimming curve:Linear DimmerSqaure Dimmer.Sqaure DimmerS-Curve Dimmer

●  Other functions

. Setting and addressing: RDM

. LED temperature detection system to protect the life of lamp beads

. Fan cooling (fan changes speed with temperature change)

. Fan mode: automatic and high-speed mode switching

●  Power / DMX connection

. Power connection: PowerCON power cable input and output

. DMX XLR socket : 3 Pin XLR socket  input, output

●  Power supply

. AC100-240V 50 / 60HZ

. Power consumption : 220W

●  Protection class

. Housing material: die-cast aluminum

. Waterproof level: IP20

●  Working environment

. Working temperature: -20 ° C + 40 ° C

●  Size and weight

. Packing size: 700x310x300mm

. Net weight: 6.1KG

. Gross weight: 8.0KG

●  Certification


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