LED Beam Moving Head Light

12x12W RGBWAL LED Bar Light

LED RGBWAL outdoor Bar light. It uses 12*12W RGBWAL LEDs,Besides following RDM and DMX control protocol Due to IP65 waterproof class and each LED individually controlled,it is good for indoor and outdoor using.

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It is Aluminium & waterproof structure,no fan with quiet design,rely on aluminum alloy radiator natural heat dissipation,unique appearance,easy installation。It uses 12*12W RGBWAL as the light source,each LED can be controlled separately,logical LED arrangement makes the facula more homogeneity,better mix color.It can be installed different angel LED filters in the LED surface.It  can be both used in indoor and outdoor show,building. is with powerful two-way RDM function besides DMX control.

●  Optics

. LED qty12x12W RGBWAL 6 in 1 LED,uniform and delicate color mixing effect

. Lens43mm high intensity PMMA lens

. Beam angle25°10°45°optional

. Lifetime50000Hlow power consumption, energy conservation

. and environmental protection

●  Colors

. Uniform and delicate RGBWAL  mixing color system and rainbow effect

. Manually adjustable White balance

. Each LED controlled individually can create more colorful chasing effect

. Static color set up

Lighting Effect For 12x12W RGBAL LED Par Light

●  Specification

. 9 DMX channel modes2/6CH_1/6CH_2/8/11/38/41/74/77CH international standard DMX-512 channel

. 2 control modes:DMX512Master-Salve

. Beam angle25°10°45°optional

. DMX functionDimmerStrobeRGBWALMacro colorAuto-program selectionAuto speed

. Stand-alone modecolor jumping changecolor gradual changAuto-programslaveMacro colorstatic color setting

. Strobe effect0-20HZ strobePluse strobeRamp up strobeRamp down strobeRandom strobeStrobe Break Effekt, 5s…..1sStrobe0-20Hz

. Dimmer:0-100% linear dimming which can control brightness change and closing of 6colors at the same time

. Dimming wayLED mode and Halogen lamp mode

●  Display

. LCD Screen

. High anti-interference four buttons

●  Software

. Software upgradequick software upgrade via DMX cable

. Display the use time of the light, so that customers can know the use details of the light in time

. LED refresh rate3000Hz

. 4kinds of dimming curvelinear dimmerSqaure dimmerI. Sqaure dimmerS-Curve dimmer

●  Other functions

. Setting and addressingRDM

. LEDs temperature detection system to protect the LEDs

●  Power/Signal connection

. Power connectionwaterproof Seetronic powerCON IN (SAC3MPX) / OUT (SAC3FPX)

. DMX inputWaterproof DMX XLR  3-pin Seetronic J3F2C-W

. DMX outputWaterproof DMX XLR  3-pin Seetronic K3F2C-W

●  Power

. AC100-240V 50/60HZ

. Power consumption160W

●  Protection class

. HousingDie-cast aluminium

. IP classIP65

●  Operation environment

. operation temperature-20°C+40°C

●  Size/weight

. Packaging size1075x225x230mm

. Net weight9.8KG

. Gross weight12KG

●  Certification


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