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      LCE070-1440RGBW,This equipment is aluminium&waterproof structure.Its look design is very good such as fashion,generous and easy installation.It uses 1440pcs 0.2w RGBW LEDS as the light source.And beam angle 110 degree.The LED is separately controlled by 12.and the reasonable distribution of the LED makes the projected light spot more uniform, the color mixing more pure, and the strobe flash effect stronger,Besides DMX control, there are powerful RDM control and ArtNet network control.which can be widely used in projection lighting, stage, theater and so on.

Product Specification

Rate voltage:AC100V-240V,50-60HZ
Rate power consumption:280w
LED qty:720x0.2w RGB LEDs
               720x0.2W White LEDs

Beam angle:110°
IP class:IP65
DMX channel mode:4_1/4_2/6/10/14/16/48/50/64 mm
Packing size:585x220x425mm
Net weight:12.9KG
Gross weight:15.2KG

Product Feature

DMX input:3-pin Seetronic J3F2C-W
DMX output:3-pin Seetronic K3F2C-W
Power connection:Seetronic powerCON IN (SAC3MPX) / OUT (SAC3FPX)
Setting and addressing:RDM
Software update:Update via DMX link
4 kinds of control modes:DMX512, wireless DMX, ArtNet, master-slave.
2.4G wireless DMX control
DMX function:dimmer,strobe,RGBW,macro color,color jump,color gradient, rainbow, self-walking program selection, self-walking speed, dimming curve selection, function settings.
Stand-alone mode: color jump, color gradient, self-walking, slave, macro color, static color settings, rainbow, self-walking program selection
Housing material:Aluminium
Housing color:Black
2.4 inch TFT display
High anti-interference 4 touch button
Indoor working temperature:-20°C~+40°C
DMX channel mode:4_1/4_2/6/10/14/16/48/50/64 ch
Dimmer mode:two kinds of dimmer mode
4 kinds of the dimmer curve:Linear Dimmer、Sqaure Dimmer、I. Sqaure Dimmer、S-Curve         Dimmer
Strobe effect :Puls Random、Ramp up Random、Ramp down Random、Random strobe、     Strobe Break Effect, 5s…..1s、Strobe0-20Hz。


Photometric Data

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