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LCE066-730RGBWZ+Ring,this equipment is aluminiumstructure.Its look design is very good such as fashion,generous.It uses 7pcs30W RGBWLEDs and 96pcs 0.5W RGB as light source with ZOOM angle 4-60° in order to bring rich dynamic effect.besides it has special cooling systems.It is suitable to projection lighting,stage,theatreetc due to great function.At the same time , it has RDM which ownsdi-directional control technology except DMX

Product Specification

●Rate voltage: AC100V~240V,50-60HZ
●Rate power consumption:  210W
●LED qty: 7x30W RGBW
              96x0.5W RGB LEDs
●Beam angle:4-60°(Zoom)
      120°(0.5W RGB)
●IP class:  IP20
● 5DMX channel mode: 6/8_1/8_2/35/148CH

Product Feature

●DMX input:3-pin XLR
●DMX output:3-pin XLR
●Power connection:PowerCONinput&output
●2kinds of control model:DMX512、Master/Slave

Setting and addressing:RDM
DMXfunction:dimming、strobe、RGBW、macro color,colorjump,colorshade,sound,dimming curve choice,function setup,
Standalone mode:colourjump,colourshade,Auto,Sound,slave,macrocolour,staticcolour setup,
LED ring with 96pcs 0.5W RGB bring dynamic effect and this effect is combinable,
Housing: Aluminium
Housing color:Black
●LCD display screen
●refresh rate:3000Hz
●indoor operation temperature:-20°C~+40°C
●5DMX model:6/8_1/8_2/35/148CH
●dimming mode: 2 modes
●4 kinds of dimming curve:Linear Dimmer、Sqaure Dimmer、.Sqaure Dimmer、S-Curve Dimmer
● Strobe effect: Puls Random、Ramp up Random、Ramp down Random、Random strobe、Strobe Break Effekt, 5s…..1s、Strobe0-20Hz
●cooling systems:fan (auto speed)
● fan speed regarding tempeture to protect LED
●certification:CE ,ROHS


Photometric Data

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