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LCA042-440 IP

     LCE042-440 IP is a newly designed outdoor waterproof light beam.Using OSRAM 440W bulb,IP class is IP65,It can outdoor work,and  the first choice for outdoor beam lights.

Product Specification

● Rate voltage:AC100V-240V,50-60HZ
● Power consumption:600w
● Light sources:440w
● Light sources:OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 440W S
● Color temperature:7500K
● Service life:1500 hour
● Beam angle:2°
● IP class:IP65
● channel mode:16ch
● Packing size:725x465x500mm
● Net weight:31KG
● Gross weight:35KG

Product Feature

● DMX 3Pin input&output
● Power input&output
● 2kinds of control modes:DMX512, master-slave.
● Lamps and lanterns materials: high strength PA66 has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, anti-aging, wear resistance, lightweight and anti falling.
● 2.4 inch TFT display
● Display screen can be 180 reversible to fit the installation in different place.
● Indoor working temperature:-20°C~+40°C
● channel mode:16ch
● Out of light diameter:170mm
● Pan/Tilt:
  ※16bit pan/tilt fine
  ※Smooth and accurate locating
  ※Pan:540°   tilt:270°rotating
● Fixed pattern plate:12+1+can two-way shake,animation,water effect
● Color wheel:12color+open,Continuous rotation and reversal of color wheel
● Prism:16prism+8prism(Customizable)
● Focusing:Linear electric focusing
● Dimmer:dimmer smooth and flicker free.
● 0-20Hz strobe.


Photometric Data

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